Professional Development

Major Discussions

CYP Hosts Multiple Events Each Year Focused Around Personal Growth, Financial Education, and Career Growth.

These events vary throughout the year based on speaker / instructor availability and member / community interest. Some are held over lunch, and some are in the early evening. Most of our Professional Development events are open to everyone with the exception of a few that may be listed as Member Only events. Our events for the year will be planned around the list below. However, we are always open to running events on different topics requested by our members or by a prospective speaker. If you’re interested in speaking at an event, sponsoring an event, or providing the location for an event, please email us at Event details will be updated as locations are set and the dates get closer.

Planned Events include:

With the delegate

Personal Growth

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Self Growth (Reading, Self Talk, & More)
    • The importance of daily reading and what to read. The science of talking to yourself.
  • Self Growth (Public Speaking)
    • How to start. Timing. Types of speaking events. Where to get practice/experience.
  • Time Management
  • Legal Preparedness for Young Professionals
Presentations for the future

Financial Education

  • Tax Preparedness
  • Budgeting 101
    • How and why you should budget. Different budgeting systems.
  • Credit & Buying a Home
    • Credit reports: What to look at. Down-payments: How much do you really need? Home Equity: What is it and how does it work?
  • Investing & Retirement Planning
    • When should you start? How much do you need? What options should you consider?
Tea Time Party Time

Career Growth

  • Resume Building/Interviewing
    • Types of resumes. When to update it. What to include. How much is too much?
    • Interviewing techniques. How to dress. Questions to ask. Questions to be ready for.
  • Networking Basics
    • Networking etiquette. How to dress. How to start a conversation. Who to approach.
  • Community Involvement (Giving Back)
    • Volunteering with non-profits. What to expect.
    • Local government service. How to get started. What to expect.

Interested in speaking, sponsoring, or hosting an event?